Lorelei Beach Resort

Our Story

Far out in the ocean where the water is dark blue, as clear as crystal, so deep down no human knew.  There lay an underwater world full of many creatures and coves. One particular is where mermaids arose.
Since Mermaids were known to be reckless and tricky, the King of the ocean banned them from all water cities. But there was one mermaid who differed from the rest. It was time for the king of the ocean to be put to a test.
Her beauty was true, not just scale deep, she was unable to do one thing that wasn't sweet. Her name was Lorelei, she was very wise, confined in a place where her identity is disguised.
Being a beauty so different, came with a price. There were no mermen she wanted to bring in her life. She was struck with an idea while getting advice from her close friend who told her "not to worry, there is enough life in the ocean for her to find her love". So she plan to sneak to the king's cove and finally fall in love with a mermen who would treat her right.


Inspired by the story, Florida and Josef Rann searched a nice spot to build their beach resort in the Philippines.


Their first discovery tour lead them to samal island, the hometown of a late close friend of the family. More trips followed to other islands of the philippines, but no island could reach the positive impressions the two where getting from samal island.

Where we are

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